Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Man standing by the window in Metromover car, Downtown Miami, Florida, USA, 2011. Street Photography of Miami, San Francisco and Key West by Emir Shabashvili, see http://street-foto.com, http://miamistreetphoto.com, http://miamistreetphotography.com or http://miamistreetphotographer.com

We were riding Metromover in Downtown Miami with Juan Reyes, founder of Street Photography Club of Miami, and discussing "shooting from the hip" street photography technique. During this conversation I took the image of this guy standing next to us. Olympus Stylus Epic camera, Tri-X 400 film rated ISO 1600 in Diafine.

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  1. Very nice print. Reflections forever. Glass can be a beautiful thing for photographers.