Thursday, June 7, 2012

Winwood in June

AR400-206-24pr1sm Winwood is a neighborhood just North of Overtown; colorful, strange and beautiful. It has Art and Fashion sub-districts. Out of two, I like the Fashion; primarily because of the people. It is full of small humble shops swarming with customers during the day, at the same time, it is still Winwood -- with all the colors (which I proudly ignore with my B&W setups) and all the murals/, of course, the famous signature of the place: the emptiness. I've been there last May with the folks from Miami Street Photography Club, had a chance to use my Bessa L and my Nikon F5; all in all the time well spent HP5-77-21pr1sm AR400-206-01pr1sm HP5-78-09pr2sm HP5-77-13pr1sm AR400-207-23pr1am

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