Tuesday, March 29, 2011

75-years old film developed

116 Exposed Kodak Non-Curling film dated 1935, Miami, Florida, USA, 2011. Street Photography of Miami, San Francisco and Key West by Emir Shabashvili, see http://street-foto.com, http://miamistreetphoto.com, http://miamistreetphotography.com or http://miamistreetphotographer.com

Found this roll exposed at the usual internet dump.
It is Kodak Non-curling, the most popular roll film type before Verichrome.
This one dated Oct 1935 - at least 75 years past the expiration date.
Non-curling is nitrate-based meaning it supposed to be extinct by now but because both sides are coated with gelatin, the condition of the base is better then average.
The emulsion was still responding to developer and I souped it for 4 min in 10% HC-110 at 44F/7C.
The beginning of the roll was infected with light as well as few frames at the end; 4 out of 8 frames partially survived: