Friday, May 28, 2010

Bio 2010

Emir Shabashvili (picture, right), also known as Amirko Shaab, 5049/1, 5049/12, Umar Shabashegeli and Pip of Holland (the last name is long forgotten and Emir ignores it if called) was born ~53 years ago in a small town named Yelabuga situated at the time in now obsolete Soviet Tataria which was in turn part of bigger country named Soviet Union or USSR, now also long gone. Emir lived in the country USSR for the most of his life, diligently learning the language and following all the traditions valued by the inhabitants of the land, like the famous custom of elbowing each other to the door when in public transportation.
After the dissolution of USSR Emir had been occupied with his private life, including (but not limited to):

- Struggle with kids;
- Education of little dogs;
- Regular disposal of garbage;
- Singing aloud and playing guitar.

~9 yeas ago Emir and his folks decided to move to the USA and did so. The reason for the move was the uncontrollable love for the famous dressing chimichurri, which had been eaten by them almost every day ever since in enormous quantities.


  1. Emir, what a fascinating project - your photos are filled with emotion and many tell powerful stories. I stumbled upon your blog accidentally (vain as I am - Protasov's diet promises brought me here). But, like you, I'm a product of the former USSR now living in the South of the US (Dallas, Texas). And, like you, I have an affinity for documenting the everyday extraordinary - although, admittedly, I'm just an amateur. Best regards, Katia

  2. Dear Emir,
    I've just discovered your work (by accident) and wanted to write you. Love your photos especially the ones taken in the former USSR.
    Please allow me to ask you a personal question. I could not help noticing your Georgian sounding last name. How did your father end up in Tataria? I am from Tbilisi, Georgia but am married here in the US and have been living here for 20 years now. As a hobby I try to "collect" information on any American immigrant who has any connection to Georgia. Hope to hear from you. You can contact me through my blog or email georgiagirl1971 at hotmail dot com.
    Thank you,