Sunday, July 4, 2010

STAS minirail gallery system installed

I routinely print and frame pictures for my clients and for myself, and every time it is necessary to hand and see how it looks in the real home environment; hence a new hole in the poor wall.

Recently I decided to stop this insanity and bought >STAS miniral system<

Today I installed it. What a difference it made! No more drilling. Need to rearrange pictures? Can be done in a matter of seconds. It is easy to install, very convenient to use and affordable.

CONCLUSION: ** Highly recommended **


  1. Hi, I'm installing this system now. I have plaster walls. Did you install into the studs, or just the plaster/sheetrock?

    1. no, no studs. Attached to drywall and drywall only. Holding up nicely. I am actually in the process of moving it to my new home.