Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"PHOTO+PAPER" magazine is out of print!

The street photography magazine "PHOTO+PAPER" / "ФОТО+БУМАГА" is out of print!
It is quarterly (I am hoping!) publication primarily aimed at the street photographers themselves.
Each issue of the magazine has 2 edition -- English and Russian; i.e. it is essentially bi-lingual. The Russian version is the original publication; English one is a translation.
The first issue is presenting works of 12 street photographers from Poland, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and USA, 24 photographs total.
The price is $10.50+S/H and the production quality is very good.
You can preview the magazine, download free digital copy and order paper version at: http://darkslidepress.magcloud.com

The printing quality is very good, both color and B/W. See more pictures of the actual magazine's copies I received in »this gallery.

There will be a group on flickr for the authors to suggest pictures for the publication. The title of the group will be "FOTO+BUMAGA". I'll let your know as soon as it is done. It is done.

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