Monday, July 23, 2012

South beach nights

Night is the only time when I can shoot comfortably these summer days. Even at night --- this one was hot (87F) and humid -- the feel and the load of subtropical summer never goes away.
Shooting streets at night is tricky:
- the light is unpredictable;
- exposure error is rather a norm;
- bracketing rarely helps;
- focusing is unreliable, both manual or AF,
and despite of all of this I love the view of night-time pictures and how people open to the simple emotions in the dark. Again, Satursday's South Beach was packed with people, celebrating life and I had my glimpse of it. Here another second for you:





PS Nikon F5/50mm/Iford Delta 3200 and Kodak Tmax P3200 films pushed to E.I.12500 in Tmax developer

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