Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Calle Ocho Photo Walk

I will be leading the photowalk at Calle Ocho in Little Havana this Saturday Dec 8th 2012. The photowalk is one of the key events of the fast approaching Miami Street Photography Festival. This is a post for those of you who decided to participate in the event:

Hello All,

Little Havana is a Cuban neighborhood west of Downtown Miami; it is one of the few places in Miami where street life is still blooming and street photography is tolerated by locals. Started as a the concentration of Cuban immigrants in the 60s, it grew sharply over the years. It is almost 100% Hispanic area with Cubans and other Central American immigrants living together; it is considered a center of the Cuban exile community.

I photograph the area for a few years and know it well. It is not going to be crowded with people but I'm sure you will have the opportunity to see some interesting street scenes. People walking, talking, playing, riding bicycles -- its all there. To show you "where the fish are": here is the map of the place from my Flickr account with the locations of the photographs I took --

(click on the map for the bigger picture).

We will meet at 11AM in the front of the Tower Theater at 1508 SW 8th Street. There will be 3 guides: myself, Igor Lebedin and Hector Isaac and you can choose walking the streets alone or join one of the three groups.

The walk will finish in 2 hours and we will meet at 1PM at one of the restaurants (the place could change but for now let's say it is going to be El Cristo Market Cafeteria & Restaurant).

Parking: enter one of two local public lots from 14th Ave (between SW 8th and 9th Streets) (here parking is free); the other lot is located on 16th Ave. between SW 7th and 8th Streets. Additional free parking can be found along local residential streets; local businesses between SW 13th and 14th Avenues often offer parking in their lots for a small fee. Metered parking along SW 8th Street is also available.

Please ask your questions, I'm here to assist you.



  1. Can't Wait! Here is a sample from one of my visits to Calle 8:


    Cheers! See you there.

    1. Hello Tony, the link says "Content unavailable". See you Saturday!

    2. Try this:

    3. that worked, see the whole gallery, thanks!

  2. Great pics Tony. Looking forward to shooting with you guys this weekend.