Sunday, January 13, 2013

Boy scouts from Brownie Six-20 flash

I found this camera on *bay in 2010. I have the record somewhere. I know I received it from Springfield, Oregon. It had exposed roll of 620 Kodak film in it; I bought it because of this forgotten, never developed film. I thought I developed it long time ago, there in 2010, and that it was empty. It was clear case of a false memory: while recently giving the camera to a friend as a present, I checked what's inside (good habit!) and presto! It was sitting there, red roll of 620 Kodak Verichrome Pan.
Verichrome Pan is relatively new film, it went on sale in 1956. So these are late 50s or 60s:

The Sitcoos Lake boyscout camp on Oregon coast became Alton F. Baker camp in 1962, so these are after 1962. I like to think its right after, before the Beatles and the popularity of the long hair among it must be 50 years past the expiration date. For the age, the quality is pretty good. 8 pieces of perfectly canned time...and my favorite is #7.


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