Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Streets of Russia in Yandex Panoramas

Yandex is the internet search engine Russians use. Yandex Street Panoramas, part of Yandex maps, is a close match to Goggle's street view. I like playing with it because people's faces are not blurred as in the (US part) of Goggle street view. Here is a small stash of shots I fished out of its murky waters. I looked at places I know, the places I had been passing by often during my life in Russia. The things are different now, time passed and many changed, but some stayed, like the stern look of woman's faces and the brown mud. Here are they, processed in PS to match the look of vintage duotones. Click the pictures for full res':

Kazan Kremlin, view from Proletarskaya Street

Waiting for the ferry to cross Volga river near Kazan

Building under demolition on Galaktionova Street, Kazan

Tazzi Gizzata Street, Kazan

Yamskaya Street (Central Market area), Kazan

Bus stop on Krasnokokshayskaya Street, Kazan. In late 90s my office was close to this spot.

Mosque on Tukaya Street, Central Market area, Kazan

Old building on Tazzi Gizzata Street, Kazan

Baumana Street, Kazan

Same place as above, different view. "Publishing House" building on Baumana Street in Kazan. I use to work there in mid-90s.

Krasnokokshayskaya Street, Kazan

Mezhlauk Street, Central Market area, Kazan

Baumana Street, Kazan

Old building on Baumana Street, Kazan

Street vendor on Baumana Street in Kazan

Few pictures from other places:



GUM department store in Moscow

GUM, Moscow

GUM, Moscow

Central Park (Gorky park, ЦПКиО), Moscow

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