Tuesday, September 13, 2016

DASCO bakelite and the Langoliers

DASCO was (and the one above still is) a bakelite toy camera from 40s.
It is, in essence, a cheap piece of pressed plastic with few little metal and glass pieces.
It was made for 127 roll film.
The roll I found inside is Kodak Verichrome Pan. Kodak VP came out in mid-50s.
After the development, a few frames emerged: people, trees, automobiles.
Ah, 50s indeed (look at the cars and the hat):

The boy's shirt says "LARRY".

There is one more frame, the first and the oldest.
Its clearly taken in different settings but what's exactly on it is hard to tell:

I think I can see the house, two cars, and the woman with child. But this is just a guess.
Look at the fabric of the image:

these lines are the actual traces left by Langoliers, the eaters of Time.


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