Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Streets of Downtown", pictures

The yesterday's event turned out great; the weather was nice, not too hot and it was windy which I like very much; I enjoyed shooting with you guys for good 3 hours. I brought my Pentax K200D with 20-30mm Tokina zoom, very unusual to me: I now shoot only B/W film and forgot when I used digital in the streets. That was a challenge! Colors jumped out of shadows, distracting my visual thinking -- I used not to think color and suddenly I should! Anyway, somehow I survived this and at the end switched to my trusted B/W setups with sigh of relief. Here is few more street pictures and then few more of you all, shooting and talking...enjoy:


  1. Nice Emir. I dont remember you taking that overhead shot of us at lunch. Sneaky, sneaky. ;)

    1. Thanks Christian -- nobody was paying any attention -- the best time to try unusual angles :)