Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nikon Nights: myths debunked

KT3200-03-27pr1sm It had been my believe for ages that a rangefinder is the best camera for available light/night time candid street photography, and it still is...with one bold exception: Nikon F5 SLR. Heavy big camera just won't shake at all. It is stable in hands as it is attached to the tripod -- well, almost. Plus, it has interchangeable viewfinders I love; use them to compose from the low view point; like the bright high magnification finder DW-31 or the convenient waist level finder DW-30. Add to the recipe Ilford Delta 3200 or Kodak Tmax P3200 film pushed to 12500 ASA and you have the best film-based night-time street setup ever! Of course it is BIG, BOLD and HEAVY camera and I have been noticed and frowned at much more often when with F5 than with my leicas but the results are stunning and I don't care. Let it fly! ID3200-09-35pr1sm ID3200-11-03pr1sm ID3200-10-15pr1sm AR400-208-30pr1sm KT3200-02-23pr1sm KT3200-02-24pr1sm KT3200-02-26pr1sm KT3200-02-33pr1sm2 KT3200-02-13pr1sm KT3200-03-05pr1sm

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