Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer is here!

HP5-75-24pr2sm This blog had been static for some time; I was too preoccupied with my office job. But, I never stop shooting. So I have some pictures to post. This one (above) is of particular value to me because it had been pre-meditated. I envisioned it first and then waited for the missing human element. It finally came out of nowhere and cornered the building; I pushed the button and my Nikon F5/Ilford HP5+/some Diafine did the rest:) Now let's add few more from the same period in May, taken in downtown Miami. Enjoy: HP5-63-17pr1sm HP5-66-26pr1sm HP5-63-12pr1sm HP5-75-14pr1sm HP5-74-22pr1sm HP5-73-02pr1sm

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